Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014 Update

I moved 80K into a few Vanguard funds in early February, and the market has come back nicely in the following weeks.  Hooray, the market has recovered from it's January dip.  And Hooray we are half-millionaires!  We are on track to exceed our goal of $570K.  

February Net Worth Update:

Category: Balance (Change)

Cash: $49,366 (-79,234)
Non-retirement investments: $121,095 (+85,758)
Retirement investments: $313,525 (+18,632)
Kids' 529s: $32,324 (+1,154)
Total Net Worth: $516,310 (+26,310)

DH is working part time.  His wage is a pretty low (a shade above minimum wage) but it's a fun job and it should increase our savings rate.

Starting a new job next week!  Very excited about the new opportunity.  Surprised to feel so bittersweet about it.  I know that my current role has it's problems, but I will miss a lot of the people.  Salary is actually going down a bit... but so will hours worked.  I can live with that.

February spending per Yodlee?  $4,261 this month.  A vacation to Tahoe didn't help, but it was certainly fun.  Okay, well, spending is a bit out of control for the start of the year.  We have 10 more months to be really frugal.