Monday, February 9, 2009

About Me

I'm a 29 year old stay-at-home mom, and my husband, whom I married in January of 2008, is a vegetable farm manager. I was formerly the breadwinner of the household, but we've given up roughly 75% of our income so that I may indulge in some time off to care for our first child, who was born in October of 2008.

Our dream currently is to own our own farm. Right now, we rent a very small one bedroom apartment. Yes, with 3 of us, it is a bit cramped, but living in a smaller place is allowing us to live on my husband's modest salary.

I will likely return to work in a year or so. For now, we will try to live below our means. This means not dipping into our savings. To me, it also means not using any interest income. On top of that, I'd like to continue to increase savings. We have no debt, but utilize credit cards to reap the benefits of various reward programs. These cards are paid in full every month.

On top of our frugal nature, our family strives to live in a socially responsible manner. We buy food locally when we can, buy used when possible, and make choices such as cloth diapers and elimination communication over conventional disposable diapers.


Anonymous said...

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Dollar Frugal said...

Hey momma,

Followed you here from Networth IQ...seems that you were following me there a few years ago. We have many similarities. Do you still check this? I quit writing on my blog because life and work got in the way. Take care and from a kindred soul - keep up the good (frugal) work!


Sustainable Saver said...

Sorry for the delay, no, I don't check on this often, as you can tell from my 1 post from 2009. But thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

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