Wednesday, February 5, 2014

December 2013 Update

December Net Worth Update:
Category: Balance (Change)

Cash: $148,249 (+1,698)
Non-retirement investments: $36,285 (+1,009)
Retirement investments: $289,403 (+9,397)
Total Net Worth: $473,937 (+12,105)

Surpassed our goal of $450K Net Worth for the year, a total increase of $99K!  The amount we saved in 2013 was about $35K ($17.5K 401K, $11K Roths, $6.5K other).  There were also some increases from 401K match and profit sharing.  But that means that our investment income was around $60K, well over our annual expenses of around $42K!  It feels like such a great accomplishment!

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